Precasting is a revolutionary step taken in the Construction industry.A precast building is no different than any normal buidling when it comes to looks,it has same roof , floors ,walls etc.The difference is the method in which they are constructed.

In a precast building the elements of a building are manufactured in a controlled environment and are transported with the help of our modified vehicles to destination where these elements are erected and connected.This job of erection and connection takes up very less time hence this method of precating is time saving.Precasting concept is introduced to minimize efforts,time,money required to construct a building.

Advantages of Precast :
1) Construction of buildings with structure beyond imagination is made possible thanks to precast.
2) Overall cost is fixed prior to construction hence overheads cost is minimized.
3) Reducing the wastage of raw materials used for construction.
4 ) Load bearing walls act as a strong substitute to frame and skeletal structure.

Our A Frame Precast vehicles make all of the above possible for you!